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for a sustainable future.

for a sustainable future.

Process Modelling PDF Print E-mail

Process modelling is a powerful software tool that enables designers to predict the output of a given design dependent on various inputs.

Business and process modelling enables prospective investors to stress test the proposed design before having to commit funds thus reducing risk, making investment decisions a more precise activity.

Business Consultancy PDF Print E-mail

Saigas has the ability within its management team, to undertake various kinds of consultancy not related to Renewable Energy. Please email our team for further details.

Saigas, also has the ability to find the funding for renewable projects due to its network of partners in the financial area: Investment funds, infrastructure funds, finance brokers. It allows the company to offer solutions to potential customers unable to finance their projects.

Benefits PDF Print E-mail

Saigas has developed partnerships with a number of Process modelling software house that can reduce the risk of investment by simulating the design and enabling proof of concept to be achieved prior to any physical construction.

Saigas has access to a suite of products focused on process engineering and optimisation. Process modelling analysis and design tools are integrated and accessible through process simulators. Optimise process designs for energy use, capital and operating costs, and product yield through the use of activated energy, economics, and equipment design during the modelling process.

Saigas offers a comprehensive software suite that spans the entire range of physics, providing access to virtually any field of engineering simulation that a design process requires. Organisations around the world trust their engineering simulation software investment.

Simulation-Driven Product Development takes engineering simulation to another level ― the unequalled depth and breadth of our software coupled with its unmatched engineered scalability, comprehensive multi-physics foundation and adaptive architecture set our technology apart from other CAE tools. These add value to the engineering design process by delivering efficiency, driving innovation and reducing physical constraints, enabling simulated tests that might not be possible otherwise.

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